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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Learning Beyond Registration (LBR)?

LBR describes the portfolio of modules which Health Education East Midlands (HEEM) contracts from twelve (12) education providers in region. The provision covers a wide range of healthcare related education.

How do I find out which courses are funded by LBR? Is my course funded by LBR?

HEEM’s LBR providers are:

Coventry University         NCORE
De Montfort University       University of Northampton
University of Derby         Nottingham Trent University
Education for Health         University of Nottingham
University of Leicester         Sheffield Hallam University
University of Lincoln         University of Sheffield

To find out what courses are available through the LBR arrangements, the search engine on this website can be used.

When should I apply for a course?

Applications for courses will be received by education providers throughout the year.

Am I eligible for courses funded by LBR?

LBR funded provision is restricted to post-registration healthcare staff currently employed to deliver NHS commissioned healthcare in the East Midlands (excluding doctors and dentist). The full list of professional groups eligible to access LBR provision is outlined in the LBR Operational Guide, Appendix 3.

Access is restricted to registered staff employed in clinical facing roles, or where professional registration is required to undertake their role.

Who should I contact with queries about LBR?

You should direct your queries to the LBR lead based in your NHS Trust or for those employed by a Private, Voluntary or Independent your Local Workforce LBR lead. Click here to access their contact details.

What should I do if there is no relevant course for the area I need to develop?

It is recognised that there may be a need to develop additional modules for the LBR portfolio to support service improvement for NHS patients. There is a process for service to request new modules to be developed. This is explained in the flow chart on the LBR process page.

Is it necessary to attend the University for the courses?

The training delivered by each of the LBR Education Providers comes in a variety of formats, including electronic formats and distance learning. All the providers are willing to work with organisations to identify if there are ways in which learning can be provided at the employing organisation; for example, when there are sufficient numbers to form a cohort.

Is it true that there is no cost to the individuals undertaking the modules / courses?

Funding for modules is provided by HEEM providing that you and the module you choose to study meets our eligibility criteria. You should note that funding for certain types of study, (i.e. dissertations) is restricted, see the LBR Operational Guidelines for further information.

LBR provision is a finite resource and we need to demonstrate that we are allocating our resources wisely, so if you apply you need to ensure that you have the full support of your manager and employing organisation and that the study is in line with local workforce development plans. You also need to be able to honour the time commitment involved in the course you have chosen.

I am finding it difficult to find the time to complete the course work associated with a module, surely it is sufficient to have attended the taught sessions.

It is the expectation of Health Education East Midlands that applicants for modules/courses endeavour to complete all components of the programme of learning; this includes assessments associated with the programmes. If challenges are anticipated in achieving this it is expected that the Education Provider and the individual will work together in liaison with Service, to ensure that the objectives of the programme are still met.

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